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Easiest Steps to Cancel Cox Communications Service (No Fees Required)

Cox Communications Service is a leading Internet Service Provider used by many. However, like all service providers, Cox Communications Services has glitches that may make you want to cancel Cox Communication Service. You may decide to break away from Cox Communications Service for several reasons.

This may be because you are moving away, going for a vacation, or simply because you are dissatisfied with their services due to price hikes or slow-speed internet. Cox communications services do not offer online cancellation of services. You have to contact them through a call or visit their store physically.

Cox communications will try to persuade you not to cancel its services like any other. This article here will guide you on how to cancel Cox Communications Service. You may want to read it thoroughly to avoid any issues when canceling Cox Communications Service.

Cox Communications Service- An Overview

Cox Communications Service is an American company that offers home automation, telecommunications, and digital cable television. It is the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the US and the third-largest cable television provider in the US, with roughly 6.5 million consumers, including 2.9 million digital television subscribers, 3.5 million active internet subscribers, and almost 3.2 million digital phone subscribers.

It expanded into the cable television industry in 1962. In 1993, Cox became the first multiple-system cable operator to start providing telecommunications services to companies. Following the 1996 Telecom Act, Cox became the first multiple-system cable operator to provide phone services to clients in 1997.

How to Cancel Cox Communications Service?

Canceling the Cox Communications Service requires you to devise a solid excuse for cancellation, as their customer care representative will try very hard to convince you otherwise. Pick out any of the methods below to cancel your Cox Communications Service-

Give them a call to cancel Cox Communications Service

cox communication customer care

To cancel Cox Communications Service, call (866) 961-0027 to contact Cox Communications Service customer care. The customer will be connected to a customer care representative. Inform the representative about the decision to cancel services. The agent might try to retain customers; in such a case, customers need to be firm in their decision.

Once the customer provides the agent with account details and contact information, the services will be canceled. The customers will receive a confirmation mail after cancelation.

Visit the Cox Communications Service Store

Cox Communications Service Store

If you have a Cox Communications Service store near your residence, you can visit the same to cancel services. There are 130 stores across the U.S.A. Customers must carry the equipment to cancel services at the Cox store to ensure immediate cancelation.

The customer care agent at the store may also try to convince customers to change their decision; in such a case, you must be firm. Once you’ve canceled the Cox Communications Service, you must return the leased equipment to avoid extra costs.

How to Return Equipment after the Canceling of Cox Communications Service?

Once you have canceled the Cox Communications Service, the customers must return any equipment provided by the Cox Communications Service within 10 days of cancelation. This must be done so that you are not charged any extra cost, as the equipment is leased and not brought by you.

To return the equipment, customers may either visit the nearest Cox Communications Service Store or drop it off at any nearby UPS store. However, you can also contact Cox Communications Service to appoint a professional to pick up equipment from your place.

For those who have canceled Spectrum internet, returning Spectrum equipment is a must, so here is our guide on how to return Spectrum equipment.

How to avoid the Cox Communications Service cancelation fee?

If you have 12 months or 24 months contract with Cox, they may charge you an early termination fee. You can avoid the same in the following cases-

  1. If you move to an area out of the Cox service area.
  2. If you transfer your Cox services to a different address.
  3. If you upgrade to some other service tier of Cox.
  4. If you are a military personnel and have been transferred to an area without Cox services.
  5. If your plan falls within the 30-day money-back guarantee and you cancel within 30 days of the plan.


1. Does Cox Communications Service have a cancelation fee?

Yes, only if you break a term contract early will you be required to pay a termination fee. There would be no cancellation fees if you did not sign a 12- or 24-month service agreement (or if the service term has already expired). To prevent you from paying after your cancellation date, Cox will even prorate your payment.

2. How much does Cox charge if you terminate your contract early?

Cox charges an early termination fee of $10 each month that remains in the contract. This indicates that your cost will be $60 if you cancel six months in advance. You will be charged $10 if you cancel one month in advance. The cancellation price decreases as the contract duration progress.

3. Does Cox Communications Service charge for the pick-up of equipment?

Cox may charge you $20 for having a professional pick up the Cox equipment. The technician will unplug the equipment and pack it themselves.

4. Can you transfer Cox Communications Service?

Yes, you can transfer Cox Communications Service to an area with Coz services. Enter your address on Cox’s website to initiate the transfer and confirm that the provider serves your new address. From there, you may arrange your service transfer and review or modify your plan. Your new home’s equipment can be installed by a technician or by you.

5. How to pause Cox Communications Service?

Using Cox’s Cox Seasonal Program, clients can suspend services for up to nine months. While your service is on hold, you will still have to pay a monthly fee to keep your equipment, but not the entire amount due. Simply dial (866) 936-7123 to halt your service.


Cox Communications Service is a leading cable and internet provider across the U.S. However, it may not be a perfect fit for you. You may want to cancel the Cox Communications Service for several reasons. In such a case, this article is your ultimate guide on how to cancel Cox Communications Service easily.

You must read and follow this guide religiously if you do not wish to incur extra costs and fees post-cancelation of services. Hopefully, after reading this cancelation of Cox Communications Service will be a cakewalk for you. However, if you still have doubts, always contact Cox Communications Service customer care.

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