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How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service (No Fees Required)

Presently, the marketplace is filled with a variety of internet service providers. After using a particular service provider, one may want to cancel its services. With no contracts, AT&T provides a range of fiber and cellular service packages. Additionally, they provide connectivity services for small businesses. Various packages are available, each with a special price and internet connection speed.

A few locations where AT&T offers internet access are Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and many more. Wondering if are there any cancellation fees? Or if you have to return the equipment or if there are any other technicalities while canceling your AT&T subscription, this article will guide you through the entire cancelation process.

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How to Cancel AT&T Internet Service?

AT&T allows cancelation of service through call, online, or physically at the store. Customers can choose any one of these methods to cancel AT&T’s internet service.

Cancel AT&T Internet Service Online

AT&T allows the cancelation of internet service online only for legacy DSL customers. If you use their fiber or IPBB service, you have to cancel through a call or at the store. AT&T stopped accepting DSL customers after 2020. The procedure to cancel online is listed below-

Cancel AT&T Internet Service through website
Cancel AT&T Internet Service Online
  1. Visit att.com– After reaching the AT&T webpage, go to the top menu and choose Support. Then click on the Bill & Account link. Now click on the boxes for “Move, Change, Suspend, and Cancel Service.”
  2. Cancel Service- Under the Cancel, Your Service option, click Cancel and Suspend, then click Solution. Now click the Show More option on the page’s bottom. To continue canceling, click on send a cancellation request online.
  3. Log in to your account- Once you log in, go to your Account page and submit your cancellation request.

Terminate AT&T Internet Service through Call

Many people choose to cancel their AT&T Internet service on phones instead of physically going to stores. However, this method can prove to be time-consuming if you get caught in the scripts prepared by retention agents. To cancel AT&T internet service by call, follow the steps below-

  1. Call customer care- Call AT&T customer care at 1-800-288-2020. Tell them your account number if they cannot identify you with the registered phone number.
  2. Request cancelation- When asked about the purpose of the call, inform that you wish to cancel a service. Then tell them that you want to cancel their internet service.
  3. Provide a reasonable excuse for cancelation- When you inform the agent about your decision to cancel, he will try to incite you into staying. They will offer you discounts and other perks. The best way to avoid all this is by giving them a reasonable excuse like you are moving out of the country. This will make them stop immediately.
  4. Return authorization number- After processing your request, the agent will give you a ‘return authorization number’. Be sure to note it down in case you want to return the equipment through UPS. The agent will also guide you through the equipment return process.

Note- If you do not wish to pay extra, ensure that your effective cancelation date is soon before the next billing cycle.

Canceling AT&T Internet Service at Store

Cancel at&t internet at store

The majority of suburbs and all major cities have AT&T store outlets, making it simple to cancel in person. For the majority of individuals, stopping service in-store is the best option because you can drop off your equipment and close your account in one go, especially if you’ve experienced billing troubles with AT&T. Follow the steps below to cancel-

  1. Pack AT&T equipment- Before going to the store to cancel, make sure to cancel all AT&T equipment. Make sure to pack all cables, receivers, modems, gateway routers, and anything else you may have.
  2. Visit the store and request cancelation- Once you visit the official AT&T store, request the agent to close your account. The agent may try to convince you otherwise. Provide him with a reasonable excuse, like you are moving to a foreign country. Return all the packed equipment to the agent.
  3. Choose a cancelation date and get a receipt – Always choose a cancelation date from your current billing period to avoid being charged for an additional month. Ensure that you get a receipt for returned equipment before you leave the store.

How to Return AT&T Equipment after Cancelation?

It is important to return the leased equipment within 21 days from the cancelation date to avoid getting charged an additional fee. AT&T can charge you two fees related to equipment-

  1. Damaged equipment fee
  2. Non-return equipment fee

If you want to avoid paying fees higher than the actual equipment cost, then it is advised that you return all the equipment, like modems, routers, power cords, and other equipment. You can return the equipment in the following ways-

  1. At store- If you cancel your internet service, you can return the AT&T equipment at the store itself at the time of cancelation. Keep the return receipt handy in case of any issues in the final billing.
  2. Through UPS- You can also return your packed equipment through UPS. Pack your equipment in a box and fix the pre-paid shipping label mailed to you by AT&T. take the packed box to UPS and provide the return authorization number. This is necessary to identify your account and confirm your return. Once you deliver the box to UPS, they will return it to AT&T.

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Is there a satisfaction guarantee for AT&T Internet?

According to the customer service agreement with AT&T, internet customers can cancel service for any reason during the first 14 days of service without paying a fee. After 14 days, however, servicing, installation, and equipment fees will be incurred for at least the first month.

Does AT&T charge a cancellation fee?

If you terminate your contract service early, cancellation costs might be incurred. For each month of the contract, $15 will be charged.

Does AT&T prorate final bills?

As with most significant internet service providers, AT&T discontinued prorating final bills for customers who purchased internet, TV, and/or phone bundles in 2019. Mobile accounts may be prorated, but cancellation of all other services results in payment for last month’s fees.

Does AT&T allow you to pause services?

Yes, it allows us to pause service for free in case of military deployments or natural disasters. Otherwise, you will be charged $7 per month for pausing services. Notice of pause must be given 10-30 days before pausing. The maximum period for pause is 270 days, and the minimum period is 60 days.

Does AT&T’s DSL service still exist today?

Because of its commitment to environmental sustainability, AT&T no longer provides DSL (digital subscriber line). However, the AT&T support center is still available to DSL customers for equipment and connectivity problems.


This article is the ultimate guide if you have decided to cancel AT&T’s internet service. This article has provided you with all the information required to know how to cancel AT&T’s internet service. Hopefully, you can cancel it successfully without any additional fee or cost.

Before you cancel your AT&T internet service, make sure you pay off your balance accounts and understand the terms of your contract. Once you have canceled your AT&T internet service, you can dispute any discrepancies in the final bill. Since 2023, AT&T does not offer any contracts for internet service.

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