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How To Cancel Frontier Internet Service in 2023 (Quick Steps)

Frontier Communications service is one of the largest service providers across the U.S.A. Frontier Communications Corp., a publicly traded firm with headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, offers Frontier Internet Service. Internet services are always unstable and faulty, and their prices always change. Similar is the case of Frontier internet service. Such issues may make you want to cancel Frontier Internet service.

In our previous posts, we discussed canceling Verizon Services and Cox Communications Service, and it’s time to know how to terminate Frontier Internet.

You may wonder how to cancel Frontier’s internet service easily. Hopefully, this article will help you walk through the entire cancelation process of Frontier’s internet service. It has explained the entire process and informed you about any hidden or additional fees Frontier might charge on the final bill after cancelation. So if you have finally decided to cancel, what are you waiting for? Go on and cancel Frontier’s internet service easily.

What is Frontier Internet Service?

Frontier Internet Service provides a huge network across the U.S.A. The business also provides technical assistance, local and long-distance telephone services, digital television, and internet services across 29 states. Frontier is the eighth-largest broadband internet supplier in the US, with around four million members. It predominates in states like Texas and Idaho as well as the North East, West Coast, and Midwestern states.

Reasons behind canceling Frontier Internet service

Despite being the largest internet service provider across the country, Frontier is also one of the most complained service providers. Customers’ reviews about their services are not very pleasant. The company was recently hugely criticized after discovering that DSL service in the area did not meet claimed speeds.

The firm was compelled to settle a class-action lawsuit with its West Virginian customers in 2015. There were instances where lines designed to provide 6 Mbps (megabytes per second) only provided 1.5. There are several reasons why you must cancel Frontier internet service; some of them are-

  1. Poor connectivity issues
  2. Recurring outages
  3. Incompetent technicians
  4. Random charges in the monthly bills
  5. High termination fees
  6. Rude customer care staff

And many more! If you decide to cancel, then you must know how to cancel your Frontier internet service.

How to cancel Frontier Internet Service?

Frontier does not allow the cancelation of services online or through the store. You can only cancel your Frontier internet service by scheduling a call with their customer care. Follow the following steps to cancel your Frontier internet service-

Keep Account information ready

Collect all the information related to your Frontier account, like the account number, linked mobile number, email, and date of cancelation. All this information must be ready with you at the time of the call.

Make a call to the Frontier billing department

Billing Department

Call the Frontier Billing Department at 800.921.8105. Avoid pressing the customer service number after making a call; in our experience, doing so will result in a lengthy wait. Contact the retention department directly instead.

Tell them about your decision to cancel

Inform them about your decision to cancel and provide them with a reason for cancelation. This is where it gets tricky. The retention department agents will try to entice you into continuing with Frontier’s internet service. You must remain calm and firm at this time.

Prepare a solid excuse

Please give them a solid reason for cancelation, like you are moving abroad or you are moving to an area without services by frontier. These excuses might hold them back from making any new sales pitches.

Cancelation mail

Cancelation mail

Request a cancelation mail to track your request. This will help you in keeping a track of their cancelation process.

Return the Frontier Equipment

Return the equipment within 30 days of cancelation. If you fail to do so, they may charge you $175 for each piece of equipment. You can return your products in a pre-paid package that they will send you. Be careful to use a service like FedEx or UPS to ship your equipment to get a tracking number and receipt in case your return is questioned.

If you have terminated Spectrum internet recently and didn’t return their equipment, then you must check our guide on how to return Spectrum equipment

Confirm Cancelation

Call them back to confirm that your cancelation request is approved. Make sure to ask the name of the agent dealing with you, so that you can refer back to him in case of some issue.

Termination fee after cancellation

Frontier charges a standard termination fee of $9.99 on the final bill. You might be exempt if you cancel within 30 days of signing up. They may also charge an early termination fee of up to $400 if you cancel your service before the contract ends.


1. What are Frontier Internet cancelation fees?

Frontier’s internet cancelation fee is a standard fee of $9.99. you may not be charged this fee if you cancel your contract within 30 days of signing up.

2. Is it tough to cancel Frontier Internet?

It is tough to cancel Frontier Internet as there is only one way to cancel it i.e. by calling its customer care. They do not allow online or store cancelation. Also, the only way to return equipment after cancelation is by mail. The customer care representatives might also try to convince you to change your decision about the cancelation.

3. Do I need to return the Frontier router?

Yes, after cancelation, you are required to return all frontier equipment, including the router, within 30 days. If you fail to do so, you may be charged a fee for unreturned equipment. This fee can be as high as $100-200 per item.

4. Can I cancel Frontier internet anytime?

Yes, you can cancel frontier internet anytime. But it is suggested that you cancel it near the end of your contract to avoid a substantial early termination fee. To cancel your frontier internet anytime, call their customer care.

5. What is the cheapest Frontier Internet plan?

The cheapest Frontier internet plan is $54.99 per month for both DLS and Fiber. It offers a download speed of 500 Mbps and an upload speed of 500 Mbps. The highest Frontier plan costs around $154.99 per month.

Final Note

By now, you must have concluded that canceling frontier internet service is no easy task. It involves a lot of information and fees. Some people prefer to pay these fees and cancel their Frontier internet service, so they do not have to go through all the trouble. However, if you are sure you are being charged unnecessarily and are willing to stick to it, you may save some money.

It is no secret that these companies make it very difficult for their clients to cancel their services. They try to retain them by offering incentives and other benefits like low prices, but customers may still not want to continue with them. This article provides you with some easy and quick steps on how to cancel Frontier’s internet service.

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