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How to Cancel MBI Probiller Subscription Quickly (2023)

While researching for better payment solutions and management systems for my business, I came across many service providers that charge much less and offer much more. While I had nothing against MBI Probiller, I wanted to shift to another payment management system, and thus my endeavor began to cancel MBI Probiller seamlessly.

I tried to find easy ways to cancel my MBI Probiller Subscription but failed. Now that I have first-hand knowledge regarding the same, I am combining an article to help you guide through the process of How to Cancel your MBI Probiller Subscription Quickly.

Before beginning the steps for canceling MBI Probiller Subscription, you should’ve your username, password, credit card, billing details, date and amount of last bill, last billing date, and a reason for cancelation.

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How to cancel MBI Probiller by live chat?

The most convenient way (that I used) was to cancel MBI Probiller by Live Chat. Here are the steps that I followed:

cancel MBI Probiller by live chat
cancel MBI Probiller by live chat
  1. Go to the MBI Probiller website.
  2. Click on the live chat option.
  3. Click on the option to talk to an agent and express why you want to cancel your subscription. (I said I was not using it anymore).
  4. The agent will ask you for the details of your MBI Probiller account.
  5. Ensure that the agent gets all the information that they need. Also, ensure the agent sends a confirmation to keep a record.

How to cancel MBI Probiller on the phone?

For someone who is confident on phone calls, you can use this method to cancel your MBI Probiller subscription. Keep the above-mentioned information handy while making a call, so you don’t panic and get uncomfortable on the phone call.

cancel MBI Probiller on the phone
cancel MBI Probiller on the phone
  1. Call on 855-232-9550, which gets you to customer support.
  2. When you are patched to the agent, tell them you must cancel your MBI Probiller Subscription. Tell them a valid/ convincing reason why you want to do so.
  3. Provide the agent with all the details they need to cancel the subscription. The agent might ask you to verify the account.
  4. Make sure you ask if a refund is due to you.
  5. Lastly, ensure that the agent confirms the cancelation of the MBI Probiller Subscription so that you don’t get a surprise in the next month’s billing.

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Cancel MBI Probiller subscription through the mail

Canceling MBI Probiller subscription via mail is a time-consuming process. Here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Send a detailed email about canceling your MBI Probiller Subscription, add details of your account, and why you want to cancel your subscription to [email protected]
  2. After this, all you have to wait for is their confirmation. They might ask you for more details in case you miss any emails.
  3. Keep track of the transactions after sending the cancellation email too.


1. Is Probiller safe or not?

Probiller is one of the most secure online payment gateways. It provides one of the safest and most trusted billing systems. They keep the charges discreet and private, which is excellent for private transactions. It is a safe payment gateway that you can use for discreet payments.

2. What is MBI Probiller charge?

MBI Probiller Charge is a discreet payment gateway charge. MBI Probiller is used for making discreet payments on entertainment websites, especially adult entertainment websites. If you see MBI*Probiller on your bank statement, it is the subscription for certain websites you have subscribed to.

3. How can I verify my account is canceled?

After the cancellation of your MBI Probiller, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don’t receive a confirmation email/ message, you can contact customer service through email, live chat, or call. The best way to cancel is by chatting or calling the customer care team and ensuring they instantly send you a cancellation confirmation.

MBI Probiller is a decent payment gateway and a discreet one. However, many times, there might come a time when you don’t require certain subscriptions anymore, and thus you want to cancel them. I have tried to compile and make canceling the subscription easy for you. You can use many alternatives instead of MBI Probiller to manage your subscriptions.

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