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How to Cancel Mediacom Internet Like a Pro (3 Easy Steps)

Mediacom is one of the most trusted cable and internet service providers in the U.S.A. It can be easily seen in many houses across the country. However, despite their popularity, you may want to cancel their services. Knowing how to cancel Mediacom internet can help you when you are dissatisfied with their services for reasons like an increase in package prices after one year. You must be well informed about the termination process of  Mediacom’s internet before proceeding.

Mediacom is known for its budget-friendly, location-suitable, fast-speed internet plans. However, you may have to pay more if you want an internet package that offers very high-speed internet. You don’t have to worry if you are unsatisfied with Mediacom’s current services. It offers you various modes through which you can cancel its services. This guide will teach you how to cancel Mediacom’s internet service in a few easy steps.

How to Cancel Mediacom Internet?

Mediacom offers its customers a variety of ways to cancel their internet services. Customers can choose any method at their convenience and cancel their services.

1. Cancel Mediacom Internet by Call

customer care

To cancel Mediacom’s internet via call, follow these three easy steps-

Call Mediacom customer service

Call customer service at 1-855-633-4226. Mediacom customer service is available around the clock, so call at your comfort.

Inform about your decision

If you have decided to discontinue Mediacom Internet service, inform the representative about your decision and the reason. He may try to entice you into continuing with some offers. But you have to give a solid excuse.

Confirm cancelation

After processing your request, the customer care agent will inform you about the effective cancelation date. Remember to ask the agent about the procedure to return the Mediacom equipment.

2. Cancel Mediacom Internet Service at Store

Mediacom has around 1500 stores in 22 locations across the U.S.A. It allows you to offer your internet service by visiting their retail store. Follow the steps below to cancel-

Locate a nearby Mediacom store

Visit the Mediacom official store near you. Enter your area ZIP code. This will recommend you the nearest retail store.

Visit the store and request cancelation

After reaching the store, inform the representative about your decision to cancel. When you cancel at the store, you can return the leased equipment there and then. However, do not forget to take the receipt for returned equipment.

Confirm cancelation

Before leaving the store, remember to ask the representative about the effective date of cancelation.

3. Cancel Mediacom Internet Service Online

Canceling Mediacom Internet service online is easy if you follow the steps mentioned below-

Log in to your account

Log in to your Mediacom account on their webpage. Sign in using your details like email id and password.

Disable auto-pay and cancel

After signing in, disable auto-pay in your account settings. After turning off account settings, cancel your account.

Check registered email

After cancelation, check your registered email to confirm cancelation. You will also be intimated about the procedure for returning the leased equipment.

4. Cancel through Email

To cancel your Mediacom Internet through email, follow these steps-

Gather information

Before proceeding to cancel, you must have your account number, registered email address, and a written request for cancelation.

Send Email

To cancel your Mediacom internet, email your written cancelation to [email protected] through your registered email address.

Confirm cancelation

A customer care agent will contact you post 24 hours to confirm your cancelation request. Reply to this email to confirm your cancelation. After this, you will receive a confirmation email.

5. Cancel via Live Chat

Live chat

You can cancel your Mediacom internet service through the live chat feature available on their website. Follow the steps mentioned below-

Open up the live chat box

Open up the live chat box and submit your cancelation request. After this, you will be connected to a live chat.

Provide information

The live chat representative will ask for your account number and why you want to cancel. Then, to confirm your identification, they will ask you to respond to security questions.

Confirm cancelation

After the live agent processes your cancelation request, you will receive an email confirming your cancelation.

How to Return Mediacom Equipment?

After confirming your cancelation request, you must return the leased equipment to Mediacom. There are three methods through which you can return the leased equipment-

Return to store

you can return the Mediacom equipment in-person to the store. After returning the equipment, make sure that you take a receipt. This will serve as proof of return of leased equipment in case of any issues.

Technician pick-up

You can request Mediacom to send a technician to pick up their equipment from your residence. You will be charged for this pick-up request.

Pre-paid shipping boxes

You can return the Mediacom equipment by purchasing pre-paid shipping boxes from Mediacom. You can send these packages by mail. To request these packages, mail them to [email protected]

If you do not return the leased equipment to Mediacom, then you will be charged an equipment fee in the final bill. We also have guides for the cancelation process of Paramount Internet Service, so if you have subscribed for it and found it faulty, you can check the link out.


Does Mediacom charge an early termination fee?

Yes, Mediacom charges an early termination fee based on where you are in your contract when you cancel. In a one-year contract, they can charge up to $12o; in a contract of two to three years, they can charge up to $240.

Is it possible to avoid an early termination fee?

You can avoid an early termination fee if you cancel within 90 days of signing up.

Does Mediacom have any free trials for services?

No, Mediacom does not offer any free trials. However, it does offer various promo packages for new customers.

What is the quickest way to cancel Mediacom’s Internet service?

The quickest way to cancel Mediacom’s internet is by calling, as agents are always available. You can call them late evening or early morning to avoid waiting.

Does Mediacom provide an option to pause services?

Mediacom does not provide an option to pause services. If you have not been using your services for a long time and do not want to cancel, you may opt for low-price packages.


If you are no longer happy with the services provided by Mediacom, it is appropriate that you cut ties with them and cancel your contract. However, before cancelation, you must check the time left in your contract to avoid substantial early termination fees. Mediacom makes cancelation easy by offering several methods for canceling their services.

Customers are free to choose any one of them as per their choice. Hopefully, this in-depth guide on how to cancel Mediacom Internet service has solved all your queries related to the cancelation of Mediacom internet service. Just follow the steps correctly, and you will cancel your Mediacom internet like a pro.

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