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How to Cancel RCN Internet Subscription (Quick Guide 2023)

For the wider East Coast region and its nearby cities, RCN is a well-known and well-regarded internet service provider. It offers internet, home phone, and cable TV services for those residing in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Lehigh Valley, and Philadelphia. Unfortunately, RCN also provides service to unhappy clients ready to leave. There are several reasons why many of its clients are ready to cancel RCN internet services. If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

When you attempt to cancel your internet service with RCN, you must be careful and informed because, like any business, they won’t make it simple. They might try to dupe you into continuing their services. This article is a quick guide on canceling your RCN internet subscription.

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Reasons to Cancel RCN Internet Service

RCN has long been a big player in the market, competing with other brands to offer quick and affordable internet, but some customers still give their service a below-par rating. These can be some of the reasons why you are canceling RCN internet service-

1. Rude and inefficient customer service

The customer care service at RCN internet service is below expectations. The staff is rude and often harasses customers.

2. False speed promise in the advertisement

The customers are not offered the speed promised in advertisements and sales pitches.

3. Poor connectivity

Customers have expressed concerns about the connectivity of RCN internet service. They feel it is poor and unstable.

4. Latent charges

Often, customers are unaware of hidden charges appearing on their bills later. This feels like a form of duping to some customers, and they may want to leave.

5. Frequent price hikes

Recently, some of them voiced complaints about the ongoing price increases on their bills, which weren’t what they had agreed to. One client claims she received a sudden $14.25 monthly bill hike, which caught her off guard. She was informed of a “change in price structure” when she inquired about the rise. She was informed that her rented modem and router are costlier now.

And many more.

Before you cancel your RCN Internet service, reflect on your decision and decide. So if you have decided to cancel your RCN internet subscription, read how to do the same.

How to Cancel RCN Internet Subscription?

RCN allows the cancelation of subscriptions only by calling. It does not offer online cancelation or cancelation by visiting the store. To cancel your RCN internet subscription, follow some easy steps mentioned below-

Dial the RCN customer care number

RCN customer care number

Call the RCN customer care team at (800) 746-4726. You will then be required to put in your 10-digit mobile number associated with your RCN account. After going through the automated menu, select the option to discontinue or lower your service. This ought to put you in touch with the retention division. These agents have the authority to terminate your service indefinitely.

Confirm that you are contacted with the Retention Department

Ask the customer support representative to confirm that you are speaking to the retention department to be sure you are in the proper place. Your call will take much longer if you chat with someone in another department, such as sales or technical support.

Ask the representative to kindly link you to the retention department if you are in the wrong division.

Ask them to cancel your service

Inform the agent about your decision to cancel with a reason. The entire process usually takes around 30 minutes. Like all Internet Service Providers, retention agents at RCN are also trained to retain customers in all possible ways. As a result, these agents may make the cancelation process lengthy and difficult for you. The only way out is to remain firm and patient.

Come up with a reasonable excuse for your decision

Without a reliable¬†justification, the RCN agent will present alternatives to entice you to stay, such as a “downgrade,” a recommendation to “save by bundling,” or a discount on RCN.

For instance, if you reply, “I’m relocating,” the representative will inquire, “Where to?”

If they provide service in that region, the sales pitches will continue.

You’ll need a trustworthy justification like your new roommate already has it, or your employer will pay for it, or you are moving abroad if you wish to protect yourself from the sales pitches.

Usually, suppose you provide one of the justifications above. In that case, the sales representative will accede and cancel your account as you requested without making any additional pitches or calling to re-engage you. They are only examples; if you can think of another one, go ahead and use it.

Confirm Cancelation

After this, confirm that your request has been processed. If you have asked them to cancel on a particular date, verify it before disconnecting the call.

Return the equipment to avoid extra fees

Terminate RCN Internet

After canceling your RCN internet subscription, you must return their equipment immediately. If you fail to do the same, you will be charged an unreturned/lost equipment fee.

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Does RCN charge an early termination fee?

Since RCN has no contractual obligations with its clients, you won’t be charged any fees if and when you terminate your RCN subscription. All subscriptions are every month, and you can cancel them at any time.

Which methods are best for returning my RCN equipment?

Call 1-800-746-4726 to find the RCN local area office closest to you and find out if you may return your equipment there. Alternatively, you can use the prepaid FedEx shipping label that will be sent to you to return the equipment to RCN.

Can I Cancel with RCN and Receive a Prorated Refund?

If you decide to cancel, RCN will provide you with a prorated refund for any unused access time. If your account is terminated due to breaking the terms of the subscriber agreement, there won’t be any refund granted.

How to pay the RCN bill?

There are four ways by which you can pay your RCN bill. Namely-

  • Online through your RCN account
  • Through the new MyRCN App
  • By mail
  • By calling on their automated phone system

Can you pause your RCN subscription?

Unfortunately, RCN does not offer a holding facility for its customers. The only way to save money if you are away is by canceling your subscription.


After this article, canceling your RCN internet subscription must be a cakewalk for you. It must not be tough to cancel your RCN subscription if you follow all the steps mentioned above. However, you must negotiate with its customer care agent if you do not wish to cancel your subscription and rather get it at a lower price.

Since they are trained to retain customers, they will offer you the best incentives to continue with them. This guide has tried to clear all queries related to how to cancel your RCN internet subscription and all the matters related to it. Hopefully, this article makes your cancelation process easy and less time-consuming.

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