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How To Cancel Sparklight Internet Service (Step by Step Guide)

Sparklight, earlier known as Cable One, is a leading telecommunications company. It provides cable, phone, and internet service to its customers. The company has a no-contract policy that brings in a lot of customers. However, not everyone is satisfied in the long run. Customers have complained about their high prices and small data caps. If you are one of them, looking for how to cancel Sparklight internet service, then you have come to the right place.

Learning to cancel Sparklight’s internet service is not very difficult. Follow the steps mentioned in this article, and you are good to go. Since the company does not have contracts, it does not charge termination fees. However, you may be charged some additional fees for unreturned equipment. We have discussed these fees in detail and how to cancel Sparklight’s internet service. Go on and give it a read!

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About Sparklight

More than 1 million residential and business customers are served by Sparklight, a top supplier of broadband communications and a member of the Cable One family of brands in 24 states. The company’s name Sparklight illustrates its new brand promise of connecting people to what matters most while also reflecting the speed and connectivity it is known for.

This change is reflected in the company’s evolution from a traditional cable provider to a full-service provider. The company’s broadband communications services serve more than 800,000 household and commercial customers in 21 states. In order to better align them with its new corporate identity, the business recently stated that it had simplified its residential internet service plans and pricing.

How to Cancel Sparklight Internet Service?

If you are unhappy with Sparklight internet service, canceling it is the right decision. You can cancel Sparklight’s internet service by calling or physically going to the Sparklight store.

1. Cancel Sparklight Internet Service Online

Although you can access the virtual chat tool on the Sparklight website to get in touch with a customer care agent to cancel your service. However, these agents usually direct the customers to the customer care number or a store location. So it is recommended that you do not use this method to cancel Sparklight’s internet service.

2. Cancel Sparklight Internet on Call

If you do not want to visit the store, then you cancel Sparklight internet service from the comfort of your by following these steps-

Call Sparklight Customer Care

customer care

Dial (877) 692-2253 to connect to Sparklight customer care service. Remember that Sparklight customer care agents are available from Monday- Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. M.S.T. This means you cannot cancel your service on the weekend.

Request Cancelation

Once you are connected to the Sparklight customer care agent, tell him about your decision to cancel. The agent might try to offer you discounts and perks for staying but keep your ground. Give him a valid excuse, like you are moving to an area where Sparklight does not operate.

Confirm Cancelation

Once you have provided your account details and your cancelation request is processed, check that you receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

3. Terminate Sparklight Internet at the store

Sparklight store

This method allows you to cancel your internet service and return the leased equipment together. To cancel your Sparklight internet follow the steps below-

Locate Sparklight store

Firstly locate the nearest Sparklight and visit the store during working hours.

Request Cancelation

Once you reach the store, find a customer care agent and request him to cancel your account. Please provide them with your account information.

Return Equipment

After requesting cancelation, return your leased equipment to the customer care agent.

Confirm Cancelation

Before leaving the store, confirm from customer care that your request has been processed.

It is important that you return the leased equipment to Sparklight so that you are not charged any additional fee.

How to Return Sparklight Equipment after Cancelation

There are only two ways in which you can return your Sparklight equipment-

Return to the Store

You can choose this method to return your equipment when you cancel your service by visiting the store. Pack all the leased equipment like modems, routers, and cables in a box and take them to the store. Be sure to take a receipt of the return so that it serves as evidence in case of a future dispute.

Technician Pick-up

Alternatively, you can also opt for technician pick-up for your equipment. A Sparklight technician will come to your residence, pack all the equipment, and take it for return. However, this method is not free. Sparklight charges $45 as a convenience fee for technician pick-up. This mode of return may not be available in all areas.

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When can you return your leased equipment?

Sparklight requires customers to return their equipment before cancelation. This means the later you return the equipment, the later your service will be canceled.

Does Sparklight charge an early termination fee?

Since Sparklight does not have contracts with customers, it does not charge any termination fee. As a result, you can cancel the service any time you want.

Does Sparklight offer money back?

Sparklight has a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme, meaning that if you do not like services within the first month, you are entitled to a complete refund.

In which major areas is Sparklight available?

Currently, Sparklight is available in 21 states across the U.S.A. It is available in states like Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, and more.

Are Cable One and Sparklight different?

No Cable One changed its name to Sparklight in 2019. Therefore, if you wish to cancel Cable One, you must follow the same instructions.


People want to cancel Sparklight’s internet service despite its fast speed and budget pricing. If you are dissatisfied with the services of Sparklight, proceed to cancel it immediately. Canceling Sparklight is not difficult. However, it may be time-consuming as connecting to customer care agents takes a long and they often try to persuade you to stay instead of proceeding with your request.

We have prepared an accurate and helpful guide to cancel Sparklight’s internet service. We hope that you do not face any issues in canceling your Sparklight internet service after this.

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