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How to Cancel Spectrum Internet Service?

Despite being a leading Internet service provider around the U.S.A, Spectrum has its drawbacks. If unsatisfied with it, you must know how to cancel Spectrum’s internet service. You may even want to cancel it if you are moving across the world where Spectrum is unavailable. However, cancellation is not the only option. If you are not using Spectrum internet for a prolonged period, you may get it resumed for a specified time.

If you are a Spectrum customer, then you must know how to cancel Spectrum’s internet service. This is important because canceling or suspending services can be frustrating and time-consuming. Internet service providers make it difficult for customers to cancel services. One must know how to cancel Spectrum’s internet service without incurring additional costs post-cancellation. This article guides you through the entire cancellation process so that you are well-informed when you proceed to do it.

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Make sure whether you want to cancel or pause the service

Before you go further, you must decide whether you want to cancel or pause Spectrum’s internet service. If you are not going to be at home and traveling, you may want to pause the internet service for that time instead of canceling it.

Spectrum allows customers to suspend the internet, known as a seasonal hold temporarily. It is available for a maximum period of 90 days. To pause your internet service, call Spectrum at 833-224-6603. Once you are back and ready to resume services, call them back on the same number.

However, you may want to cancel your plan if you are dissatisfied with services or move to a place where Spectrum does not operate. If this is the case, then read further to know the process in detail.

Canceling Your Spectrum Internet

Spectrum allows you to cancel your internet plan in two ways; by going to the Spectrum store or calling them in person. Before canceling, check the following things-

  1. There are no unpaid balances on your current statement.
  2. Cancel before the next payment is due.
  3. Inform Spectrum about your decision to cancel.
  4. Return any Spectrum equipment that you have to avoid additional charges.
  5. Keep all the equipment return receipts safe with you.
  6. Check your statement after the due day to confirm cancellation.

1. Cancellation by Calling Spectrum

spectrum customer care

To cancel your Spectrum internet service from home, call the Spectrum call center at 833-267-6094. This line is available 24×7 for all existing customers. Once you are connected, you will speak to a Retention agent who will verify your account details by asking for your name and 4-digit security pin present on the front page of your bill.

These agents will try to change your mind about cancellations by offering discounts, lower prices, or temporary suspensions. If you are sure of your decision, reject all these offers. They will also inform you about equipment to be returned and ask you the date from which cancellation is required. After all this, they provide you with a reference number with which you can check the status of the cancellation.

This is a lengthy and time-consuming process. The fastest one can go through it is 90 minutes. However, some have reported that it took them an entire day to cancel their Spectrum internet service.

2. Cancellation by Visiting Spectrum Store

Spectrum store

The cancellation process at the Spectrum store is almost identical to the one mentioned above. However, you may be done faster as the retention agents are less forceful in person and may agree to cancel your service faster.

Where to Return Your Spectrum Equipment

Once you have canceled your Spectrum service, the next step is returning all the Spectrum equipment like modem, router, DVR, or anything else. This can also be done in two ways; by physically going to the Spectrum store or sending it via UPS or FedEx.

It is advisable that, if possible, return the equipment personally as this reduces the chance of equipment getting lost or damaged. You may be charged an extra fee if the equipment does not reach Spectrum properly and on time. However, the chances of something like this happening in person are less.

If you are a person with a disability, Spectrum offers home pick-up service for equipment. This service is only available to customers with disability.

If you forget to return your Spectrum equipment, they may charge the full replacement cost of the equipment from you. So don’t forget to return it. If you return it at the store, take a receipt, send it by mail, and confirm with Spectrum if they have received the equipment to avoid additional costs.

The sample replacement cost for the modem can go up to $200+; for the tuning adapter, it can be $130; for the receiver, it may be $103; and for CableCARD, it may be $20.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any termination fee to cancel Spectrum internet?

No, there aren’t any cancellation costs with Spectrum. When you cancel, you are eligible for a complete refund if you have only used the service for 1 month or less. However, you must pay for the unused portion of your paid plan.

2. Can I cancel my Spectrum Internet anytime?

You can cancel at any moment because Spectrum is available around-the-clock. Call Spectrum at +1-833-267-6094 or go to the official website spectrum.net to terminate your service. You have a few days to terminate the service before the next payment is due. You won’t get any refund for that.

3. How long does it take Spectrum to cancel service?

Spectrum can cancel your service when you have gone through the whole process of cancellation. From submitting your request of termination to stating your reasons and finally giving a confirmation after knowing all the terms and conditions, it may take 1-2 hours to even an entire day to cancel your subscription.

4. Do you have to return the Spectrum modem?

Once you have canceled your Spectrum internet service, you must return your Spectrum modem if you do not wish to bear additional costs. If you do not return the Spectrum modem, then they may charge the full replacement fee for the modem from you.

5. How much does it cost if you don’t return the Spectrum modem?

Returning the Spectrum equipment is very important after cancellation. They may charge the total replacement cost if you do not return the Spectrum modem. The approximate replacement fee for your unreturned Spectrum modem can be as high as $200.

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Final Take

As a Spectrum internet user, you must know how to cancel Spectrum internet service, as this process can be confusing and time-consuming. Since the retention agents are trained to convince you against cancellation, you need to be firm in your decision and not get caught up in their tricks. It is essential to stay calm and patient during the entire process.

Post cancellation, return your Spectrum equipment at the earliest to avoid additional costs. Also, preserve the cancellation and equipment return receipts in case of any issues in the future. Also, check your accounts after cancellation to ensure that you are not charged any extra fee. Hopefully, this article will prove to be your helping hand through the entire cancellation process.

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