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How to Cancel Windstream Internet Service? (Easy Ways)

The internet service provider Windstream Holdings, also known as Windstream Communications, also offers phone, Internet, and TV services to its customers. By 2020, they had a large customer base and offered services in 21 states across the U.S.A. However, not every one of them is happy with their service. Recently Windstream Communications has received poor customer feedback owing to its poor customer service, latent charges in the bills, and other technical issues.

You probably decided to cancel Windstream’s internet service because of such issues. However, you are clueless about how to cancel Windstream’s internet service. You are worried about going through the cancelation process without any help. Don’t worry! We have prepared an in-detail guide on successfully canceling Windstream’s internet service. By the end of this article, you will become an expert on how to cancel Windstream’s internet service and all the related issues.

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Reasons to cancel Windstream Internet Service

Windstream Internet Service is largely popular across the U.S.A. and has been around since 2006. However, recently it has received some very poor customer reviews. There are several reasons why customers are canceling Windstream’s internet service. Like-

1. Recurring service outages

Customers report long and recurring service outages. This makes it difficult for customers to enjoy services.

2. High pricing

One client claimed that during the two months that her connection was down, she received two bills totaling $83 and a reconnect bill for $232, even though it wasn’t her fault that the service had been cut off.

3. False promises of high speed

Slow Internet Speed

Another client claimed that whereas other clients paid $45 for comparable services, she paid over $100 per month for 25 Mbps download speed and 1.5 Mbps upload speed.

4. Hidden charges

Customers are often not informed about additional charges that may be required to pay. This is often done to loop in new customers by showing low costs.

5. Poor customer support

Customer support may not assist you efficiently. Many agents are not appropriately trained and may waste your time instead of helping you.

And many more!

How to Cancel Windstream Internet Service?

Windstream offers customers a variety of methods to cancel their internet service. Customers can choose any of the following to cancel Windstream’s internet service-

Cancel Windstream Internet Service by Call 

To cancel your Windstream internet service via call, follow the following steps-

  • Call the Windstream Retention Department at 1-1800-347-1991. Before calling, ensure you have all the information related to your account.
  • Contact a customer care agent and provide him with your account information.
  • Inform the agent about your decision to cancel the service. Please give them a reasonable justification for cancelation, like you are moving out of the country. A reasonable justification will ensure that the Retention agents do not make unnecessary sales pitches to you to entice you into staying.
  • Before disconnecting, make an appointment to return the Windstream equipment.
  • Ensure that your cancelation request is processed by calling Windstream Customer care again.

Note: if you want to keep your Windstream number, ensure that you port it to your preferred service before cancelation.

Fill out the contact form to cancel Windstream Internet Service.

You can also cancel Windstream’s internet service by filling out a form on the Contact Us page on the Windstream website. A Windstream Customer Care Agent will contact you within 24 hours. Once an agent contacts you, provide them with your account information and inform them about your intention to cancel services. Also, fix an appointment to return the equipment and ensure that your cancelation request is processed.

Cancel Windstream Internet Service through Email

To cancel the Windstream internet service via email, contact the Windstream Support Team at [email protected]. Once a Support agent contacts you, inform them about your decision to cancel and follow the same procedure mentioned above.

Online Cancelation of Windstream Internet Service

You can also cancel Windstream Internet service online by visiting the Windstream website. Use their live chat feature to cancel services. You can chat with them on weekdays i.e. Monday- Friday, 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., and on Saturday from 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. (ET).

Visit the Store to Cancel Windstream Internet Service

Windstream Internet store

You can also cancel your Windstream Internet Service by visiting the nearest Windstream Store. This method Is pretty straightforward. Contact a customer care agent at the store and request the cancelation of internet service. Please provide them with your account information and check whether your request has been processed.

You may adopt any of the abovementioned methods to cancel your Windstream Internet Service.

What fee may be charged during the cancelation of Windstream Internet Service?

Generally, Windstream does not offer any long-term contracts to its customers. Therefore, you are not charged any early termination fee at the time of cancelation by Windstream. Apart from that, you may have to pay the following charges at the time of cancelation of service-

Unreturned Equipment Fees

After your cancelation request is processed, you must return your Windstream Equipment, like a router, modem, etc., to return such equipment; you must make an appointment with Windstream at the time of cancelation. Windstream will send a representative to collect equipment from your place. If you fail to return the leased equipment, you will be charged a replacement fee on the final bill.

Pre-Installation Charges

If you cancel your service before installation, you will have to pay a pre-installation charge. This fee will equal three months of recurring fee you would have paid had you continued with the service. To avoid this fee, try not to cancel your service before installation.


1. What is the cost of canceling Windstream’s internet service?

Windstream does not charge any fee for cancelation as there is no long-term contract. However, you may be charged a pre-installation fee if you cancel your service before installation. This fee is equivalent to three months of the regular fee. There is no early termination fee.

2. How can I return the Windstream Equipment?

To return the Windstream equipment, make an appointment for pick-up of equipment at the time of cancelation request. You can also return the equipment at the nearest Windstream Store.

3. Does Windstream have a contract?

A contract is not in place for just Windstream’s high-speed internet services. The terms and conditions of Windstream DISH Network apply to customers with DISH subscriptions.

4. Can I cancel Windstream Internet Service at any time?

There is no contract by Windstream, so you can cancel your service anytime. You can cancel your service via call, email, online, or by visiting the Windstream store.


Now that you know how to cancel your Windstream internet service, go forward and do the same. Do not give up once an agent refuses to process your request or convince you otherwise. Stay firm in your decision and try to convince the customer care agent. Give them a reasonable excuse for your decision.

However, don’t become impatient and rude while dealing with them. Remember, if you diligently follow all the steps mentioned above with politeness, your cancelation request will be processed. Hopefully, this guide helps you through the entire cancelation process so that you do not face any issues.

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