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How to Cancel WOW! Internet (Easy Guide 2023)

WOW! Internet is available in nine states across the U.S.A, so if you are a resident of one of the states with WOW! Internet service, then this guide is perfect for you. This is an in-depth guide on how to cancel WOW! Internet service. However, if you plan to cancel because of the price, you can always negotiate with their customer service, and they may offer you some incentives and discounts.


Dealing with customer service agents can be nerve-wracking and annoying, as they may try to convince you to continue with their services. This guide here will teach you how to cancel WOW! Internet easily without much delay. You may want to cancel the WOW! Internet service if you are moving to a new area or are just dissatisfied with their services. Whatever may be the case, don’t worry! This guide here will make your cancellation process simple and quick.


Wow! Internet – Overview

WideOpenWest or commonly known as WOW is a leading and popular internet and cable service provider in the southern and central parts of the U.S.A. With its headquarters in Colorado, WOW’s hybrid coaxial cable/fiber-optic internet service allows customers to download up to 1 gigabit per second (1,000Mbps).


It is an affordable cable and internet service starting at as low as $19.99 per month. WOW does not lock its customers into extended agreements; it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee service to all.


How to cancel WOW! Internet?

WOW! makes it easier for its customers to cancel services as it does not charge any additional fee in most cases. You can cancel your WOW! internet service through a call or online.

Terminate the WOW! Internet with a phone call

Terminate the WOW! Internet with a phone call

To cancel your WOW! internet service through a call, follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Dial 1-866-496-9669 to reach customer care.
  • Request a representative’s support.
  • Please give them your customer information and account number.
  • Ask them to have your contract and payments canceled.
  • An email of confirmation will be sent to you.

Follow these easy steps, and your WOW! internet service will be canceled.

How to cancel WOW  internet online

WOW! It also allows customers to cancel their services online. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same-

  • Firstly, log in to your WOW! customer account.
  • Use the chat feature to talk to a WOW! Customer service representative at wowway.com/chat.
  • Inform the representative about your decision and request them to cancel your service.
  • An email will be sent for confirmation of cancellation.

Voila! You have successfully canceled the WOW! Internet service.

How to return WOW equipment after cancelation

Return WOW equipment after cancelation

If you cancel WOW! Internet service, then you are required to return their equipment as well. The customer service representative usually informs you where to drop off the equipment. This is because you have not brought the equipment, but it has been leased to you by WOW!


You must factory reset the equipment before returning to erase all your saved data. You have to return both the router and modem after cancelation. You must return the equipment no later than 14 days post-cancelation. If you fail to return the equipment, they may charge you for a total replacement cost. 


If you have cut your cords with Spectrum, then you must check our guide on how to return Spectrum equipment



Despite being the most popular internet service provider across the south and Midwest U.S.A., WOW! can still not be the best choice for you. In such a case, you might want to cancel their internet services. You may fear going through the tedious cancelation process or being duped. However, you need not worry.


This in-depth guide on how to cancel WOW! Internet service will be your savior. It provides everything from the cancelation process to returning the equipment. If you are unclear on anything apart from everything mentioned above, you must contact WOW customer service for further assistance.  

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