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How to Reset Spectrum Router/Modem (Detailed Guide)

Every Spectrum internet user must know how to reset your Spectrum router, which is key in solving many issues. Even the best of technologies and devices face glitches, and in such a situation, a simple act of resetting the device may fix the problem. Spectrum cable is a trusted and renowned internet service provider. It is known for its quality devices and services. However, there may still be days when your Spectrum router is acting out.

If you use the Spectrum router at home, you must know how to reset it. Knowing how to reset your Spectrum router can solve the majority of your problems. Connectivity issues, recent power outages, and forgetting the password are key reasons you should know how to reset the Spectrum Router.

This article here will provide a detailed guide on why and how you should reset your Spectrum router.

Being a Spectrum user, you must know the meaning of the different lights on your Spectrum router, and for your ease, we prepared a detailed guide on Spectrum modem lights.

Benefits of resetting Spectrum router

Generally, resetting your Spectrum router can be beneficial for you. There are many reasons why you should reset your Spectrum router-

1. Online protection

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many times you should reset your Spectrum router, but it is suggested to reset it every couple of months to ensure online security. Resetting your Spectrum router will remove any malware in your system.

2. Spectrum password reset

If you keep forgetting your Spectrum password, resetting your Spectrum router will help you reset your password. Once you reset your router, your password will be restored to the default password, and you can change it accordingly.

3. High internet speeds

High internet speeds

Resetting your Spectrum router will ensure high-speed internet at your place. If your Spectrum router shows a red light or blinking red light, then it means that there is some issue with your connectivity. In such a case simple router reset will fix your issue.

4. Removes bugs

As the router is working around the clock, it may develop some bugs which may affect the functioning of the router. In such a case resetting your Spectrum router may remove such bugs.

5. Prevents hacking

Resetting your router might make it difficult for hackers to access your Wi-Fi connection. It might not work in all cases but it may help protect you against hacking.

How to reset Spectrum Router?

Resetting your Spectrum router is not a technical task. It is easy and can be easily done if you follow the steps mentioned below on how to reset your Spectrum router-

1. Using the factory reset button on the router

  • To begin, check the back of your router for a button labeled “Factory Reset.”
  • This will sit next to the on/off switch. It will not exactly be a button but a small hole. You’ll need a pin to press it.
  • After inserting your tool into the hole, you need to press down for 30 seconds.
  • When you do this, the lights on your Spectrum router will go dark.
  • Hold the button down for 30 seconds; you can let go.
  • This will restore the factory settings on your Spectrum router. You might not be able to use it immediately after the factory reset; allow it some time to settle down.

2. Using My Spectrum App

Mostly all Spectrum users have the My Spectrum App. This can be used to reset your Spectrum router. Simply go to the app and navigate to services. Now select Internet and your Spectrum router. Tap on restart equipment. This will reset your Spectrum router and fix internet issues.

3. Using the Spectrum website

You can also reset your Spectrum router using the Spectrum web portal. Visit spectrum.net and enter the login information you were given during the setup process. Fill out the required fields, then click the Sign in button. The Internet tab can be accessed by selecting the Services menu item.

Those gadgets which have been connected to your private network will be shown. Select the wireless router and click the reset button. Before continuing, the gateway will check for confirmation. Click the Reset Equipment button and wait a few minutes for the connection to become stable.

4. Manual Resetting of Spectrum router

Manual Resetting of Spectrum router

First, disconnect your router from its power source by pulling the plug. You’ll notice that the batteries and power plug are hot to the touch, so remove them and allow them to cool down first. Once the router has cooled down, reconnect the power cable, insert the batteries, and switch it back on. Wait a few minutes after turning on your router to check whether it starts functioning properly.

5. By resetting Spectrum Modem

Unless you have a gateway router, which is a mix of a modem and a router, you should reset or reboot both devices. Along with your Wi-Fi router, you may need to reset your modem as well. The procedure is nearly identical. You should turn off the power to your modem and disconnect it from the wall. Wait nearly 2 minutes for your modem to cool down. Then reconnect it and turn on the modem by pressing its button. Check your signals once the light returns to normal.


1. What does the reset button do on the Spectrum router?

The Reset button on your Spectrum router helps factory reset your router. It is a small hole that needs to be pressed by inserting a pin or toothpick. Press it for approximately 30 seconds, and then release it. This will factory reset your router.

2. Why is Spectrum WiFi Not Working correctly?

There might be many reasons why your Spectrum Wi-Fi is not working properly like there may be a power outage in your area, or your hardware is outdated. It may also be because of broken or damaged cables and connections.

3. Can you reset a spectrum router remotely?

You can reset your Spectrum router remotely through the Spectrum App or the Spectrum website. Simply log in to your account and go to Services. Click on Internet and select your router. Now click on reset router, and your Spectrum router will be rebooted.

4. How do I reset my Spectrum router after a power outage?

In a power outage, resetting Spectrum WiFi involves unplugging the modem and router from their power sources, removing the batteries from the modem, and reconnecting the power. Wait 30 seconds, reinstall the batteries, reconnect the modem, and wait 2 minutes.

5. Will resetting my router fix my WiFi?

While resetting your Spectrum router might fix your internet issues, some issues might persist. This might be due to a power outage in your area, damaged cables and wires, or some other technical default.

6. Will I lose Wi-Fi if I reset my router?

Resetting your router will make you lose all your customized settings. This means you will lose your Wi-Fi name and password. All your settings will restore to default settings, as mentioned on your router.

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