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Easy Guide to Replace Your Spectrum Router With Your Own

Charter Spectrum is North America’s leading and most used internet service provider. Their services are affordable and user-friendly. Apart from providing internet, they also provide their router-modem combo to the customers. Their equipment is efficient and sturdy.


Spectrum usually tells customers that they are providing these devices for free. However, they charge $5 per month for their router. If you wish to avoid incurring these extra costs, you can replace the Spectrum router with your own. Reading this, one might think about who will go through the complex procedure of replacing the Spectrum router with their own.


However, let me tell you, this is a straightforward process. Learning the process of how to replace the Spectrum router with your own is worth the trouble, as it will save you money. Just follow the steps mentioned in the guide, and you will learn how to replace your Spectrum router with your own. After replacing the router, you can return the Spectrum equipment to cut costs.

Benefits of having your own router

Before replacing your Spectrum router with your own router, you must know the various benefits of doing so-

Save Your Money

If you replace the Spectrum router with your own, you will save $5 per month as a Wi-Fi cost from your Spectrum bill. This amount will make up a lot in the long run. So replace your Spectrum router with your own.

Safety And Security

safety and security

Replacing your Spectrum router with your own will give you more security options and keep your router secured.

Variety In Choice

Using your own router instead of the Spectrum router will give you various features to choose from. You can opt for a router with a mesh system for extended coverage.

All these benefits will make you want to learn how to replace your Spectrum router with your own.

Steps to replace your Spectrum router with your own

You can always hire a professional to install your router. However, this will cost you an extra $50 or more. So to save your money, follow the steps mentioned below diligently-


1. Buying A Compatible Router

Spectrum compatible router

The most essential requirement is to have a modem/router compatible with your Spectrum internet. Your new router should enable the 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols for existing network devices. Additionally, you want a tri-band router; if not, then at least dual-band.

2. Turning Off The Internal Router

If you have a Spectrum router-modem combo, you must turn off your internal router. This ensures that the two routers are not working against each other.

3. Enable Bridge Mode In Spectrum

Now enable Bridge mode on Spectrum. This mode will allow you to use a separate router in addition to the existing modem-router combo of Spectrum.

4. Access The Ethernet Port

You must now attach your brand-new router to the Ethernet port of the gateway. You must make sure to keep the device turned on for this purpose.

5. Go To The Gateway Address

Now you must visit the gateway address. For this visit, the addresses or are on the browser.

6. Signing In

Use your default username and password to sign in.

7. Disable The Settings

Change the following settings while you are logged in:

  • Wireless
  • Routing
  • DHCP
  • Firewall

8. Switch The Nat Mode And Restart

You must modify the NAT mode under the LAN settings. Save it once you’ve reached “Bridged mode.” Restart your modem after that.

9. Turn Off Your Internal Router

Turn Off Your Internal Router

Disable the internal router after switching the modem to bridge mode to configure the new router. The Ethernet cable from the modem to the new router must already be in place. Keep in mind that it needs to be plugged into your power outlet.

10. Access Router Settings

The router must get accessed after rebooting. Your new router should come with the login information. Open the PC or Laptop browser for this and enter the IP address. Default admin information will be available along with a password or anything similar to log in.

11. Modify Login Information

It’s time to update the login information; the first item to be updated is your login data. Consider using a strong password to make it distinctive. Both the security and customization options are adjustable as per your requirements.

12. Restart The Router

After customization, it is time to restart your router. Once you have done this, you can connect your devices accordingly.

Following the steps mentioned above will enable you to replace your Spectrum router with your own. 


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