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Easy Guide to Return Your Spectrum Equipment

Spectrum is a leading internet, cable, and voice service provider in the U.S.A. It is the second largest cable service provider, serving more than 25 million households across the country. Despite being a trusted service provider, it is possible that it may not be the right fit for you. In such a case, cancel the Spectrum services and return the Spectrum equipment.

Usually, all Spectrum users use the equipment provided by Spectrum to avail of the services. If you decide to cancel Spectrum services, you must give back your Spectrum equipment diligently without fail. You may be charged a full replacement fee if you fail to return your Spectrum equipment or return damaged Spectrum equipment.

There is also a time window within which you are required to send back the Spectrum equipment, failing which you will have to bear additional costs. If you want to save yourself from this full replacement fee or additional cost, follow this guide on returning your Spectrum equipment.

Reasons for Returning the Spectrum Equipment

Spectrum issues different equipment to use different services like internet, cable, and voice. Since most of the time, the equipment is leased by Spectrum to users; you have to hand over all the Spectrum equipment related to the service you wish to cancel. You may even have to return Spectrum equipment if you decide to downgrade from a service. In such a case, you will have to return the old equipment, and they will send you equipment appropriate to your new plan.

Which Spectrum Equipment Needs to be Returned?

Usually, you are required to give back all Spectrum equipment you have not outright purchased. This includes modems, routers, DVRs, Spectrum receivers, and auxiliary devices. However, you are not required to return cables and remotes. Any equipment you have purchased from Spectrum that you are not required to return. Also, equipment purchased by you separately is not to be returned.

If you are dealing with Connectivity issues, recent power outages, and forgetting the password, you must know how to reset the Spectrum Router. Here’s our detailed guide for resetting the Spectrum modem.

How to Return Your Spectrum Equipment?

There are several ways to hand over Spectrum equipment. Customers can choose any of the methods mentioned below according to their comfort-

1. Personal Drop-off at the Spectrum store

If there is a Spectrum store in your vicinity, you can physically return the Spectrum equipment there. You can also use the store locator to find a Spectrum store. This method is the most preferred one as it is the safest method. If you return Spectrum equipment by mail, there are chances it may get lost or damaged. Once you have returned the Spectrum equipment, they will give you a receipt. You must preserve this receipt as this a proof of your return.

2. UPS/U.S. Postal Service

UPS and U.S Postal Service

This method is the most preferred as Spectrum has a tie-up with UPS making returns easy for customers. Just go to a UPS store and inform them that you are a Spectrum customer. After that, they will pack and ship the equipment themselves; you don’t have to pay a penny.

They will provide you with a return receipt. Use to receipt to track the return and as proof of return. Pack your equipment in a box and put the shipping label on it. Drive to the nearest U.S. Postal Service store and drop it off. Take the receipt to track your return. Since the return is prepaid, you do not have to pay anything from your pocket.

3. FedEx

Spectrum has also collaborated with FedEx to make the return of equipment easy for customers. Pack your equipment in an appropriate box and attach the prepaid shipping label. Take the box to the nearest FedEx store for return. You don’t have to pay anything for it but take the return receipt. Use this to track your package. However, FedEx only allows the return of modems, gateways, and routers.

4. Home Pick-up

Home Pick-up parcel

This option is available to Spectrum customers with disabilities. Contact Spectrum customer support to request a home pick-up. Spectrum will send its technician to your place to pick up the equipment.

How Much Time is there to give back the Equipment to Spectrum?

Once you have received confirmation for cancellation or downgrading of service, the next step must be returning Spectrum equipment. According to the Spectrum Terms and Conditions- a customer is required to return equipment within 15 days of receiving confirmation.

In case of failure to return the Spectrum equipment within 15 days, they will charge an additional fee to your last bill. This will include the applicable Spectrum unreturned equipment fee and the costs and expenses incurred due to failed pick-up attempts.


1. Do you need to pay for postal services or any charges?

No, if you return your Spectrum equipment through UPS, FedEx, or USPS, you do not have to pay for any postal service charges. UPS will even pack the equipment for you; however, you must deliver a packed box to FedEx or USPS.

2. Can you avail of home pick-up even if you are not disabled?

No, home pick-up is only available to disable and elderly Spectrum customers. To avail of home pick-up, you have to be either of those.

3. What is the best method to return Spectrum Equipment?

The best way to return Spectrum Equipment is store drop-off, as it is safe. You can ensure that equipment is returned properly without damage. This is not possible when you return equipment by mail.

4. Do I have to return Spectrum equipment?

Yes, if you do not wish to bear the full replacement cost, Spectrum unreturned equipment fee, or any other costs. You must return your Spectrum equipment within 15 days of cancellation to avoid all these costs.

5. How to cancel Spectrum service?

Contact Spectrum customer care or visit the Spectrum store to cancel Spectrum service. There are chances that the retention agents will try to convince you to stay; however, if you are firm, they will cancel your services.

Final Thoughts

If you are dissatisfied with Spectrum or want to downgrade your plan, you must return the Spectrum equipment. This is because you have not purchased the Spectrum equipment, but it has been leased to you by Spectrum. There are several modes to return your Spectrum equipment, like in-store or by mail.

You must return the Spectrum equipment within 15 days of cancellation. This article has tried to provide an easy guide on returning your Spectrum equipment. If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you may not be charged an additional fee. In case of any more queries, contact Spectrum customer care.


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