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What Channel is CMT on Spectrum TV (Complete Guide)

Spectrum TV has been growing rapidly in the past few years. It offers its customers a wide range of channels in its various cable packages. In a situation with over 200 channel lineups, it can be difficult for users to locate their favorite channel. The easiest thing to do in this case would be to find the channel number of your favorite channel. CMT (Country Music Television) is one such pay-tv channel on Spectrum TV that has its fan following.

If you are a country music lover, then you may wonder what channel is CMT on Spectrum TV. Being a pay-tv channel CMT is available to users on a particular channel number on Spectrum TV. Depending on your location CMT will be available on different channels on your Spectrum TV. This article here will be a complete guide on what channel is CMT on Spectrum TV in different locations so that you do not miss your favorite content.

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Brief History of CMT

CMT has been in the business since 1983 and was initially dedicated to country music alone. Currently, it is owned by Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks and has undergone a huge change in its programming. Initially, it only focused on country music, concerts, biographies, and TV Specials. To date, some of its star reality TV titles are Racing wives and Chainsaw gang. Its music shows like CMT Crossroads and CMT Hot Twenty are still popular.

Recently CMT has started airing reality TV shows, and lifestyle shows focused on country music. It also acquired Pluto TV, which is a free streaming service. Viacom has also launched a sister channel called the CMT Westerns, a channel for Western genre films. CMT has grown tremendously over the years. It is available to almost 92 million U.S. households as of now and will only continue to grow over the years.

Popular Shows To Watch On CMT

The current programs at CMT are a group of unscripted reality TV shows, theater shows, and southern lifestyle entertainment programs. However, CMT still focuses on country music, concerts, and music videos. Viewers can view these during the day and night. Here is a list of some popular shows to watch on CMT-

Party Down South

From the producers of Jersey Shore, this shows focuses on eight young adults enjoying a summer full of wildness and fun. The central idea of this show is the crazy summer of a group of friends who bond over their shared love for the South. If you also love the South, give this show a watch.

CMT Music Awards

CMT Music Awards

People’s favorite, the CMT Music Awards air once a year on CMT. It is a show which allows fans to vote for their favourite country music videos and television performances through the CMT website.

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making The Team

This show goes into the detailed audition process for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading squad. It captures what it takes to be on the best cheerleading teams in the country. After the audition process, it goes on to focus on their training and lastly their first home game. This two-hour special is very engaging and an audience favorite.

What Channel Is CMT On Spectrum TV?

CMT spectrum channel

CMT is the right pick for you if you are an ardent country music lover who loves to follow the life of budding country music stars. CMT is available as a pay-tv channel with various cable service providers and streaming services. So this will make you wonder why you chose to watch CMT on Spectrum TV. If you have tried Spectrum TV, you will know that it is the most affordable and best-quality cable TV provider.

Spectrum TV has a vast channel lineup which can be pretty daunting if you wish to watch a particular channel. But before trying to find what channel CMT is on Spectrum TV, you should be aware of the different packages Spectrum TV has to offer. Spectrum Select is the basic plan that offers 125 channels in high definition at a pocket-friendly price. The higher-tier packages will offer you premium TV networks like HBO, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME.

However, if you wish to watch CMT on Spectrum TV, you just need a Spectrum Select subscription, and you will get CMT as a part of Spectrum’s 125-channel lineup. But you will still find it challenging to locate what CMT channel on Spectrum TV. Don’t fret, as we have compiled a list of channel numbers on which CMT is available on Spectrum TV based on your location.

Mostly Spectrum TV customers can find CMT on channel no. 293. However, here is a list of what channel number CMT is available for Spectrum at different locations-

  1. Austin, TX- 70
  2. Barre, VT- 779
  3. Columbia, SC- 62
  4. Dallas City, OR- 42
  5. Greenville, MI- 75
  6. Lancaster, NH- 76
  7. Albany, NY- 84

If you are still unable to find what channel CMT is available on your Spectrum TV, then contact Spectrum TV customer care at 1-855-423-0198 or check their Channel lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to access CMT on Spectrum TV?

CMT is available to all Spectrum users who have Spectrum Select subscriptions. It is part of their 125-channel lineup. You can check out the channel for CMT on Spectrum TV through their Channel lineup.

2. Is CMT available on Cable?

CMT is available on Cable TV and various other streaming sites like Philo, DirecTV, Fubo TV and many more. However, Spectrum TV is the best choice for people who wish to watch it in good quality without burning a hole in their pocket.

3. What to do if you are unable to locate CMT on Spectrum TV?

You can refer to the list above if you cannot find what channel CMT is on Spectrum TV. If you are still unable to find it, contact Spectrum at 1-855-423-0198 or check their channel lineup.

4. What channel is CMT on Spectrum TV for Bourg, LA?

CMT is available for viewers on channel no. 68 in Bourg, LA. It is available for St. Louis at channel no. 40 and for Carson City at 68. To know more about what channel CMT is on Spectrum TV at your location, check out their Channel lineup or call Spectrum customer care.

5. Can Spectrum TV Guide helps locate the CMT channel?

Spectrum TV offers a unique feature to all its users through Spectrum TV Guide. it helps viewers locate channels and provides the outline of programs on them and their timings. Users can use the Spectrum TV guide to check what channel CMT is on Spectrum TV.

If you are having issues while using the Spectrum TV guide, you must check out our guide to resolve the issue.


CMT is a customer favorite at Spectrum. You can watch CMT and its sister channels on Spectrum TV as a part of a Spectrum Select subscription. These channels are available in high-definition quality and are full of entertainment. Due to the huge channel lineup at Spectrum, customers may find it challenging to locate what channel CMT is on Spectrum TV.

So to help you all we have prepared this ultimate guide. However, if you are still unable to locate CMT on Spectrum TV, then don’t worry you can check out the Spectrum TV Guide to locate it. Despite, all this, if you still face trouble, then you should contact Spectrum customer care for help.


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