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What Channel Is Lifetime On Spectrum? Complete Guide

A cable subscription without Lifetime is unacceptable in American Households. As we know, Lifetime is a women-centric channel for TV movies and is a staple in most houses around America. Since most houses in the U.S.A. have Spectrum subscriptions, it becomes imperative to find what channel is Lifetime on Spectrum.

You come home after a grueling and tiresome day at work and look for quality content to relax. In such a situation, you shouldn’t have to work on finding what channel Lifetime is on Spectrum. The huge channel lineup on Spectrum though an advantage, can be a hindrance when you want to find one particular channel.

Don’t worry; we have done your work for you. This article is a complete guide on what channel Lifetime is on Spectrum and all the other related topics. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be well-informed about the channel number of Lifetime on your Spectrum TV.

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Lifetime – Brief Overview

Lifetime Channel logo

Lifetime was founded in 1984, and since its inception, it has focused on women-centric content. Due to this, its journey in the TV Entertainment industry has been smooth. It was in the 1990s that Lifetime started covering women’s sports, awareness about breast cancer, and other issues related to women. It became a symbol of ‘women empowerment’ with its new tagline ‘Lifetime-Television for Women.’

Lifetime introduced a new genre in the TV industry, ‘women’s entertainment.’ It gained tremendous success because it employed women to write, direct and develop content related to women and their families. Spectrum formed associations with women’s groups to create awareness about issues and problems related to women. Owing to its popularity, an Australian version of the channel has also been launched.

Lifetime offers on Spectrum

Spectrum offers a variety of plans for subscription to its clients. Spectrum realizes the importance of Lifetime in American households and provides it to viewers even in its basic plan. It offers three plans i.e. Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold. All these plans provide different amounts of channels in HD quality. You can subscribe to a basic plan and add channels as an add-on subscription.

Even with Spectrum Select, you can enjoy a Lifetime network. However, if you wish to watch Lifetime Real Women or Lifetime Movie Network, you may need to subscribe to Spectrum Silver. If you subscribe to the premium packages of Spectrum, we can assure you that you will not regret it.

What Channel Is Lifetime On Spectrum?

Finding the channel number of your favorite network so that you do not miss out on your favorite TV show can be a hassle. So it becomes easy once you know what channel Lifetime is on Spectrum and remember it. Lifetime is available on Channel number 53 across major cities. However, it can be a bit confusing since Lifetime offers three different networks. To help you out, we have prepared a list of Lifetime channel numbers on Spectrum across different states.

Lifetime On Spectrum

  1. Los Angeles- 47, 170
  2. San Diego- 32, 170
  3. Long Beach- 34, 754
  4. Reno- 28, 738
  5. San Antonio- 29, 170
  6. Austin- 26, 170
  7. Dallas- 39, 742
  8. New York- 62, 170
  9. Buffalo- 28, 170
  10. Kansas City- 51, 170

Lifetime Movie Network On Spectrum

  1. Los Angeles- 630
  2. San Diego- 68, 630
  3. Long Beach- 83, 783
  4. Reno- 59, 731
  5. San Antonio- 74, 630
  6. Austin- 76, 630
  7. Dallas- 260, 838
  8. New York- 80, 630
  9. Buffalo- 630
  10. Kansas City- 83, 630

Lifetime Real Women Channel

  1. Bakersfield- 222
  2. Birmingham- 214
  3. Long Beach- 113
  4. Reno- 143
  5. San Antonio- 174
  6. Austin- 174
  7. Durham- 174
  8. New York- 174
  9. Cincinnati- 214
  10. Kansas City- 174

Lifetime may not be available on the same channel everywhere, so if you cannot find what channel Lifetime is on Spectrum, contact Spectrum customer care or go over their channel lineup.

Popular shows to watch on Lifetime

With endless interesting and attention-grabbing shows on Lifetime, here is a list of some of the shows you can’t do without-

American Princess

Her fantasy wedding becomes a nightmare when she learns that her fiancé is cheating on her only hours before their wedding. What does Amanda do, then? This socialite from the Upper East Side wanders off and ends up at a Renaissance festival.

She is stranded in this odd location without a phone or knowledge of how to get back home. She spontaneously decides to join the fair after experiencing brief moments of awakening, which help her to turn things around by giving her a fresh outlook on life.

24 to Life

24 to life logo

Make sure you see this documentary series; it’s a fascinating watch. It revolves around 16 people who are given life sentences in jail; their entire world falls apart. The program explores how jail affects the lives of those close to the offender to shed light on the repercussions of crime.

It feels even sad knowing that the offenses were not violent, but that is the legal system in place at the moment. You’ll acquire a little understanding and love as you follow these people during their final 24 hours of freedom before being locked up for years. You’ll also gain a little perspective.

Child Genius

This show is about 20 kids between the age of 812 years selected across the U.S. to compete for $ 100,000 in the college fund. This show is an exciting watch and keeps you engrossed in it.

Designing Spaces

This Lifetime reality show revolves around artists and decorators in action. They show you how to decorate your room and house with creative ideas. Since interior designing is a passion of many, this show has a huge fan following.

Bring It!

This reality television is focused on Coach Dianna Williams and her dancing troupe, ‘Dancing Dolls.’ Watch them compete with rival teams and outshine them. If you wish to catch a glimpse into competitive dancing, this is the show for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do you need to pay to enjoy a Lifetime of Spectrum?

To watch the Lifetime network on Spectrum, you must subscribe to Spectrum Select for $59.99/month. To watch Lifetime Real Women, you must subscribe to Spectrum Silver at $74.99/month. Lifetime Movie Network is available on Spectrum Gold at $94.99/month.

2) Does Lifetime has an app?

Lifetime has an app that gives access to all the content. It is available on iTunes Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. It is also available on Roku through its Channel store. It is also available on Apple TV, Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

3) Is Lifetime a free channel?

Lifetime is available with all cable service providers with a basic subscription. However, the Lifetime App is completely free to download and use. To enjoy the app services, you must sign in to your account and verify your subscription to cable TV or streaming service.

4) Where can I watch the Lifetime channel for free?

Some streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV Blue, Sling TV Orange, and DirecTV may allow you a free trial for a limited time to watch the Lifetime channel for free. Also, the Lifetime App is free to download but requires a subscription to enjoy the entire content.


Due to Lifetime’s importance in American families, it is provided by all cable providers with a basic subscription. But no cable provider can match the price and quality offered by Spectrum. If you have a Spectrum subscription, you must know what channel Lifetime is on Spectrum, so you do not miss your favorite show.

When you come back after a long tiring day, all you need to do is enter the channel number of Lifetime on your remote and enjoy it. Hopefully, this article is successful in helping you locate Lifetime on your Spectrum. What are you waiting for? Then, go watch Lifetime on Spectrum.


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