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What Channel is NBA TV on Spectrum (Complete Guide 2022)

Imagine sitting courtside at an NBA match. You have the best seats, and you’re supporting your favorite team. A few seconds are left on the clock, and your team is trailing by 2 points, and when the stakes could not be higher, your team’s star player shoots a downtown three.

The whole arena erupts with noise, and your team wins the game. What you’re feeling at that moment cannot be put into words. This, however, does not imply that only by attending a live game you will have the opportunity to feel this moment. There’s a certain comfort to watching NBA games live on TV or cheering for your team on any other streaming device.

Those unhappy with the services delivered by their cable TV provider need not worry, as Spectrum TV has their needs covered.

NBA TV app is one of the most complete sports apps that cater to all the needs of Basketball fans all around the globe. If you’re a true sports fan, you already know that NBA TV is like candy for true basketball fans. Without a second thought, you should include it in your list of channels. Spectrum’s several cable TV packages and bundles include NBA TV. For more details on the Spectrum cable TV bundles that include NBA TV, reach out to Spectrum’s customer care team.

What is NBA TV?

What is NBA TV

Since 1999, NBA games have been shown on television. As the name suggests National Basketball Association (NBA) channel mainly concerns itself with the sport of basketball, and this is the primary reason viewers tune in. In 2003, the station changed its name from nba.com TV to NBA TV.

Following its 2008 purchase by Turner Sports, the channel underwent a major overhaul in production value and programming scope. The company has a global reach with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and distribution deals and streaming contracts in various nations.

NBA TV channel on Spectrum

The channel number of NBA TV can be different for different users based on your location. It is easy to find out which channel is streaming NBA TV in your state or city, and you can enjoy watching your favorite basketball shows and games live.

You can check the Spectrum Channel Line-up to find out which channel shows NBA TV. If you’re still unable to find the appropriate channel, you can access the on-screen guide of the app on your device or call customer care for further help.

Some of the channel numbers for different cities are-

  1. New York- 308
  2. Orlando- 108
  3. Reno- 430
  4. Rochester- 308

How to access NBA TV on Spectrum?

If you have subscribed to Spectrum Silver or Gold TV bundles, then you easily get access to NBA TV on Spectrum. Spectrum SELECT offers you around 125 channels without burdening your pocket. However, this does not offer NBA TV. You can subscribe to NBA TV as an add-on to your plan through your remote on Channel 2495 or call 1-844-501-2828.

Top shows on NBA TV

NBA TV aims to satisfy your need for everyday basketball entertainment. The network airs both live and highlights of previously aired games and documentaries, and news on the current NBA season. Moreover, it also covers international basketball from different leagues around the globe.

Following are some of the most famous NBA TV shows:

Shaqtin’ a Fool

This show perfectly combines comedy and critique. It is quite famous among basketball fans as it showcases top blunders by players and other people at NBA games.

Hardwood Classics

You will love this program if you appreciate the antiques. You’ll be transported back to relive some of basketball’s all-time greatest moments from unforgettable classic games. So, grab some munchies, and take a trip down memory lane as you enjoy some of the greatest incredible NBA games ever played.

Inside the NBA

If you’re a basketball fan and want to hear some scathing post-match assessments and criticism, this podcast offers everything you need. The fact that Ernie Johnson hosts the show further increases anticipation for it. The show gives fans of the NBA the latest scoops, news, and fan favorites.

NBA Game Time Live

It is a show which consecutively runs with live basketball games. It consists of different segments where analysts and famous hosts talk over the play-by-play happenings of the game.

Frequently asked questions

1. What channel number is NBA TV?

NBA TV is available on Spectrum on different channels based on your location. You can check the channel number for NBA TV by referring to Spectrum Channel Line-up. It is available at channel 308 for residents of New York and channel 108 for Orlando. If you cannot find the channel number for NBA TV, you can always contact customer care.

2. What channel is NBA League on the spectrum?

NBA League is available as an add-on channel on Spectrum TV. You can subscribe for NBA League pass via channel 2495 or by calling 1-844-501-2828. NBA League passes on Spectrum TV will allow you to watch 40 out-of-market games in HB, keep a track of all your favorite players, and listen to the broadcast for your preferred games.

3. Is NBA TV on cable?

NBA TV is a must to watch NBA matches this season. It will air over 100 televised NBA games for basketball enthusiasts. (Not to be confused with NBA League Pass, which airs every game.) NBA TV is available through many cable companies in the U.S. However, you don’t need cable to watch NBA TV.

4. Can I add NBA TV to my Spectrum account?

Without a second thought, you should include it in your list of channels. Spectrum’s several cable TV packages and bundles include NBA TV. For more details on the Spectrum cable TV bundles that include NBA TV, reach out to Spectrum’s customer care team.

Final Note

If you are a true basketball fan, then an NBA TV subscription is a must for you. You can always subscribe to NBA TV on your Spectrum TV plan to watch your favorite Basketball games. NBA League pass is different from the NBA TV channel. If you wish to view content on both channels, you must subscribe to them separately. NBA TV gives you access to all basketball content, whereas the NBA league pass allows you to watch around 40 out-of-market games.

One can access NBA TV through Spectrum Gold or Silver Channel bundle or subscribe to them along with their basic Spectrum TV plan. NBA League pass is not available with normal channel bundles at Spectrum and has to be subscribed as an add-on to the plan. NBA TV is available on different channels in different locations.   Hopefully, this article will help you find the exact channel number for NBA TV.

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