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What Channel is TNT on Spectrum TV? (In Depth Guide)

Spectrum has a grip over 40 U.S. states as the leading cable and internet service provider. It provides amazing packages at shockingly low prices. These packages offer a variety of channels in high-definition. However, finding a particular channel like TNT on Spectrum TV can be daunting. As a Spectrum user who wants to watch some engaging and entertaining content, one must know what chat channel TNT is on Spectrum TV.

While American households are moving towards cord-cutting, one thing is sure cable TV is here to stay. This is mainly due to channels like TNT, which cater to the needs of all customers. You may be in a hurry and do not want to miss a show but cannot find the particular channel. Don’t worry; if you want to watch TNT on Spectrum TV, you are at the right place. This article is an in-depth guide on what channel TNT is on Spectrum TV. Once you are done reading this article, I assure you that you will never have trouble finding TNT on Spectrum TV.

Apart from the numerous entertaining channels available on Spectrum TV, the USA channel stands out among the mob. If you are confused, what channel is the USA network on Spectrum? Then you must check our detailed guide.

TNT (Brief Overview)

TNT Channel

TNT i.e. Turner Network Television, is a prodigy channel of Warner Media Entertainment. Launched in 1988, this channel has only continued to grow since then. As of today, it reaches around 89 million homes across the U.S.A. Initially, it only focused on classical movies and shows, but now you can watch all sporting leagues. It is also famous for its widely acclaimed original TV series such as The Last Ship and Murder in the First.

What channel is TNT on Spectrum (Complete List)

TNT Channel on Spectrum

TNT is available in all packages offered by Spectrum TV. Thus, if you are a Spectrum Select subscriber, you can watch TNT in high-definition. Usually, TNT is available on channel number 33 on Spectrum TV across the U.S.A. However, different states may have different channel numbers for TNT on Spectrum TV. Here is a list of TNT on Spectrum in different states-

  1. Los Angeles- 42, 103
  2. San Diego- 27, 103
  3. Anaheim- 64, 103
  4. Long Beach- 52, 752
  5. Bakersfield- 33, 200
  6. Reno- 55, 776
  7. Corpus Christi- 30, 103
  8. Buffalo- 3, 103
  9. Albany- 3, 103
  10. New York- 3, 103
  11. Cleveland- 61, 203
  12. Cincinnati- 51, 203
  13. Columbus- 12, 112, 925
  14. Kansas City- 32, 103
  15. Milwaukee- 33, 203
  16. Indianapolis- 35, 136
  17. Raleigh- 26, 103
  18. Durham- 26, 103
  19. Charlotte- 26, 103
  20. Louisville- 25, 112, 925
  21. Lexington- 25, 112, 925
  22. Montgomery- 22, 781
  23. Birmingham- 30, 136
  24. Dallas- 77, 792
  25. El Paso- 40, 103
  26. Austin- 67, 103

If you are still unable to locate TNT on your Spectrum TV, then contact Spectrum Customer Care or check their channel lineup online.

Most popular shows on TNT on Spectrum

The Last Ship

Since it first began appearing on television, this action-drama program has been a source of great excitement. The story centers on a Naval team creating a vaccine that could save the world. This vaccination will help in the eradication of a deadly virus. This show might relate to today’s situation and may keep you wanting more.

Good Behaviour

Based on Letty Dobesh’s writings, this story follows Letty Raines. It is about his journey to turn his life around and give up life as a criminal. However, it proves to be difficult as staying out of jail for him is not as easy as it seems.


This story revolves around Nick Burkhardt who is a detective in Portland Homicide, who discovers that he is the last surviving member of the Grimm Clan. He manages to balance his human and mythological world. Each episode will keep you hooked till the very end.


This show follows Oliver Queen from the DC comic universe. She returns home to Star City after a year on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. He fights the city’s criminals with his bunch of trusted friends. This show is one of the most viewed shows on TNT.

Animal Kingdom

Unquestionably one of TNT’s gritty dramas is Animal Kingdom. It focuses on the life of criminals and their exploits and drug habits. This show earned a renewal for a fourth season due to amazing action sequences and bamboozling surprises.


1. Does Spectrum provide TNT?

TNT is a basic TV and movie channel; hence it is included in almost all of Spectrum’s channel bundles. Subscribers of Spectrum TV enjoy a free subscription with their package to most Turner channels, including TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and TruTV. You may watch these stations online or through TV channel applications on your mobile device.

You can watch TNT in different parts of California on your region’s channel numbers.

  • Los Angeles – 103 and 42
  • San Diego – 103 and 27
  • Anaheim – 103 and 64
  • Long Beach – 52 and 752
  • Bakersfield – 33 and 200

3. Is TNT a free channel?

TNT is free, without additional charges, to only Subscribers of Spectrum TV service. Otherwise, it’s a paid channel, and you’ll have to be an active service provider’s customer to access the channel.

4. What should I do if TNT not working on Spectrum?

It may be due to some network issue or damaged or loose cables, or faulty equipment. Also, check for parental control. In such a case, replace the damaged or faulty cables and equipment and turn off the parental control.

A national network like TNT may be blacked out if a particular game is featured on the Regional Sports Network (RSN). In such a case, TNT cannot bring its signal into RSN’s territory.

No, TNT is not free on cable. You’ll have to have a subscription to a cable TV service provider or a satellite provider to access the content of the TNT channel or the TNT app.


If you are a Spectrum user, you must know some particular channels, so you don’t waste your time. One of them is TNT. TNT is a channel for everyone, whether original shows or classic movies. It keeps everyone entertained. TNT is available on Spectrum at an affordable subscription.

Once you know what channel number TNT is on Spectrum TV, you may not surf other channels. This article has tried to prepare a list of all channel numbers of TNT across various ZIP codes. Even after going through this article, you can contact Spectrum customer care if you cannot find TNT on your Spectrum TV.

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