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What Channel is USA Network on Spectrum?

Spectrum TV offers its customers a wide range of services like Cable TV, internet, voice, and mobile services. Spectrum TV has a huge channel lineup to help customers relax after a long day. One such channel is the USA Network. It is perfect for an after-stress rejuvenation session. But due to the huge channel lineup of Spectrum TV, it can be difficult to locate what channel USA Network is on Spectrum. To solve this problem, you must know the exact channel number of USA Network on Spectrum. That’s where this article comes into the picture.

This article will guide you about USA Network channel numbers on Spectrum, depending on your location. Based on your location USA Network can be on different channel numbers on your Spectrum TV. Follow this article so you can easily find USA Network on your Spectrum TV without putting in a lot of work.

USA Network (Brief Overview)

The Madison Square Garden Sports Network launched in 1977 is now known as USA Network. Relaunched in 1980, this channel has gained huge popularity and loyal viewership owing to its unique and class apart TV shows. Owned by NBC Universal Television Company, it airs on over 90.4 million households across the USA.

A cable TV channel for and from the people of the USA is a family channel. No member of your family would not find something for themselves on USA Network. From sports to TV shows and movies, USA Network has it all.

What Channel is USA Network on Spectrum?

spectrum usa network channels

Apart from the numerous entertaining channels available on Spectrum TV, there is one that always stands out, USA Network. As it is a family favorite, it just seems right to know what channel USA Network is on Spectrum so that much time is not wasted finding it. USA Network is available on channel number 760 across major locations. However, it may be at a different channel at your place. To help you out, we have prepared a guide to help you locate USA Network on your Spectrum TV based on your location.

  1. Los Angeles- 58, 101
  2. San Diego- 34, 101
  3. Long Beach- 60, 760
  4. Austin- 66, 101
  5. Dallas- 61, 761
  6. Kansas City- 39, 101
  7. Cincinnati- 33, 201, 1201
  8. New York- 16, 101
  9. Buffalo- 55, 101

If you can still find what channel USA Network is on Spectrum, don’t hesitate to contact Spectrum customer service at 1-844-481-5997 or check out their channel lineup.

What does the USA Network stream in its channel?

If you had a long, tiring day and want to forget the stress and relax, then USA Networks is the right place. USA Network is a channel for all, from sports buffs to movie enthusiasts and binge-watchers. It collects and provides information and news from all over the USA. All shows on USA Network have a huge viewership daily. It is famous for its original and attention-grabbing shows.

  • Popular films on USA Network- Dead Poets Society, Vietnam, Good Morning, and many more.
  • Popular TV Shows on USA Network- Suits, Check it Out, and more.
  • Popular sports programs- WWE Raw, WWE Next, etc.
  • Game Shows- Press your luck, Tic-Tac-Dough, Hollywood Squares, and much more.

Top Shows on the USA Network

Here is a list of some viewer favorites on USA Network-


Who doesn’t love a good legal drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat? This show revolves around a set of corporate lawyers who go around being the best duo anyone has ever seen. Settling disputes with glamour and wit. This show may make you want to pursue a career in Law.

White Collar

This show is about a con artist who helps an FBI Agent solve white-collar crimes to stay out of prison. He uses his expertise as a con man, securities thief, and counterfeiter to help the agent find white-collar criminals. This show becomes people’s favorite from the very beginning.


This Award-winning drama show presents the story of a brilliant but unstable cyber-security engineer and vigilante hacker who, along with his allies, tries to take down the corrupt corporation he works for. This show has two Golden globes and also Emmy Awards nominations.

Where can you watch the USA Network?

You can watch USA Network on-


USA Network is usually provided as a basic channel without extra charge by all cable TV service providers. If you wish to watch USA Network on TV, then it is provided by Spectrum TV, Roku, Comcast XFINITY TV HD, and more. However, Spectrum TV may be the best choice if you wish to watch USA Network in high-definition quality within a budget.


If you have a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection, you catch USA Network on the following online streaming websites- YouTube TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, etc.

USA Network App

USA Network App

USA Network has an app allowing viewers to view various shows from the first episode and season. It has been rated 4.1 stars by users and is quite popular among them.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you want a channel that fits every box of entertainment, then it has to be USA Network. You can watch USA Network on Spectrum if you subscribe to a bundle that includes it. However, Spectrum has a huge channel lineup making it challenging to locate USA Network. Hopefully, after reading this article, you know what channel USA Network is on Spectrum.

Now all you have to do is grab your remote and put in the channel number to enjoy USA Network. This article has tried to include all possible channel numbers for the USA network on Spectrum according to different locations. So, if you still cannot find USA Network on your Spectrum TV, call Spectrum customer care to ask for help.

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